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      EV Car Retail &
      Service Platform
      A domestic leading EV Car retaill and service platform with continuously innovating business models and steady high-speed growth. Relying on a huge channel network, Unex is committed to be the gloabal leading C2M intelligent EV car group.
      A Complete Industry Chain
      Close Loop
      Based on channels, our EV Car industry service ecosystem covers EV car sales, battery charging and swapping services, supply chain finance, user platforms, and etc.
      Leading Cross-platform
      Intelligent Battery Swapping Mode
      Launched a one-stop cross-platform
      intelligent battery swapping station under independent intellectual property rights, lowers total cost of customers and provides them with better experience through a combination approaches of “battery bank” + “swap package” + “user platform” and others.
      Efficient C2M Industry Model
      Teamed up a number of domestic leading OEMs to produce a variety of battery swapping versions of EV car models through C2M and flexible supply chain models. 15 models are planned to be launched between 2021 and 2024, which will cover mainstream markets of taxi/online car hailing; Vans; LCV; and trucks.
      Excellent Supply Chain System
      The management team has deeply involved in the automotive field and has built a large-scale complete supply chain system covering the relevant mainstream companies such as SGMW, Chery, DFM, and Great Power Battery.
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